Terms of Service

Usage Agreement
By using mlemtech.com website (Website), its projects (Projects) and Discord bots (Bots) you are agreeing to the below mentioned Terms and Privacy Policy (Policy). You acknowledge that you have the priviledge to use the Bots freely on any Discord Server (Server) you share with it, that you can invite it to any Server that you have "Manage Server" rights for and that this priviledge might get revoked for you, if you're subject of breaking the terms and/or policy of Bots, or the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and/or Community Guidelines of Discord Inc. Website, Projects and Bots may collect specific data as described in Policy. The intended usage of this data is for core functionalities.
Intended Age
Bots may not be used by individuals under the minimal age described in Discord's Terms of Service.
Website and Bots are not affiliated with, supported or made by Discord Inc. Any direct connection to Discord or any of its Trademark objects is purely coincidental. We do not claim to have the copyright ownership of any of Discord's assets, trademarks or other intellectual property.
The owner of the Website and Bots may not be made liable for individuals breaking these Terms at any given time. We reserve the right to update these terms at our own discretion. You may opt out by removing Bots from any Server you have the rights for.
People may get in contact through official mlemtech.com Discord server. Other ways of support may be provided but aren't guaranteed.

Privacy Policy

Usage of Data
Website, Projects and Bots may use stored data, as defined below, for different features including but not limited to command handling. No usage of data outside of the aformentioned cases will happen and the data is not shared with any 3rd-party site or service.
Stored Information
Bots may store the following data (received from Discord/user) automatically when being invited to a new Discord Server:
- server ID.
GameQuiz may store the following data (received from Discord/user) automatically when triggered with command:
- channel ID;
- server ID;
- user ID;
- given answer.
MlemBot may store the following data (received from Discord/user) automatically when triggered with command:
- last city the current weather was requested for;
- last city the weather forecast was requested for.
No other data (received from Discord/user) outside of the above mentioned one will be stored. Projects don't store any data.

Removal of Data

Automatic removal
Stored data (not related to user) can be removed automatically through means of removing Bots from a Server. This can be achieved by either kicking or banning the bot from the Server. Re-inviting the bot will add the same default values, as mentioned above, back to the Bots database. Stored users data (not related to user) can be removed by manual way only.
Manual removal
Manual removal of the data can be requested through official mlemtech.com Discord server.


Usage of cookies
The Website may use cookies (small text files that are saved in your browser and contain specific information to allow the faster and easier loading of the site on repeated visits). You may disable the collection and storage of these cookies permanently in your browser settings. You may allow the temporary creation and usage of cookies by opening the Website in incognito mode. Please refer to your browser's manual for more information.